Why Choose the Firm?

Personable Experience

Masteller Law Firm believes in open doors and returning phone calls. When you hire the Masteller Law Firm, you get a personable experience with people who genuinely care about you and your situation. Client satisfaction and positive results are strived for, day in and day out. The firm’s goal is to put you in a better position than what you were in when you walked through our doors. More often than not, the client gets lost and forgotten in the large law firms or the law firms that simply take on too many cases. The Masteller Law Firm only accepts matters that are within it’s current operating capacity, so it can maintain the best possible attorney-client relationship with you.

The Well-Informed Client

The firm takes the time to keep you up to date and advised on your case. When you elect to go with Masteller Law Firm, the office will provide you the sound legal advice needed to be the well-informed client. This is accomplished by providing you electronic copies of each and every document our office handles. The firm will advise you on all material changes to your case and provide you options. The law firm believes in transparent invoicing. You will receive a detailed bill, from the firm, so you know what work has been done. The goal is to provide you the knowledge you need to make informed legal decisions for yourself, your family and your business.

Solutions-Based Representation

The Masteller Law Firm will review the past and present to help you make sound legal decisions about your future. The law firm is a solutions-based law office that strives to provide positive outcomes. We analyze the current matter, providing options for you to reach your goals. These options may include multiple ways to dispose of an estate, multiple ways to set up your Texas business, or solutions and options to avoid litigation or manage a full-blown lawsuit. At the end of the day, you come into a law firm for legal answers, and the Masteller Law Firm is here to provide them to you.

Navigating the Issues

As mentioned above, the goal is for you to leave our office in a better position than when you walked in the front door. How is this accomplished? The firm provides a free initial telephone case evaluation to ensure the legal help you seek is within the practice areas of our firm. The firm does not believe in wasting your time if it cannot provide the services you are looking for when you call. The firm will also provide detailed questionnaires that allow it to pinpoint the issues which streamline the intake and referral process. This ultimately saves you time and money that would otherwise go towards needless legal fees.

Lasting Business Relationships

The Masteller Law Firm does not want to just be your law firm for the present; rather, the law office wants to be a law firm that is here for you, your children and your grandchildren. When you hire a Texas lawyer, you want an attorney who is honest, knowledgeable, friendly and affordable. At the same time, you want an attorney who is aggressive against your opponent and driven to get the best results for you – whether at trial or in negotiations. the firm prides itself in maintaining lasting business relationships with its clients.

The Masteller Law Firm provides a personable, solutions-based representation that you can trust.

The Firm

The Masteller Law Firm provides legal services, in both litigation and transactional matters,for the following areas: business law, construction law, estate law and real estate law.

Civil Litigation – Filing or Defending a Lawsuit

Some disputes simply cannot be resolved, absent filing a lawsuit. Whether they involve an individual or business, you may need to hire a civil litigation attorney to file a lawsuit on your behalf – or to defend you in a lawsuit. We can consult you on your options.

Fort Worth, Texas Business Lawyer Services

Some of the business services include contracts, negotiations, legal compliance and liability protection. The firm can also provide you various business packages tailored to fit both your immediate and long-term needs. Are you starting a new business? The Masteller Law Firm will advise you of the various business entities in Texas, what structure best suits your business, and how to implement various legal strategies. Whether you elect to establish an LLC, Corporation or Partnership, the firm can assist and advise you on these decisions. Visit the Business Law webpage for more helpful information.

Fort Worth, Texas Construction Lawyer Services

Texas is growing at an exponential rate equating to numerous construction projects, both private and public, throughout the Lone Star State. This fast pace growth can be found in virtually all aspects of the construction industry, including residential, commercial, and government projects. So, what does this mean for you? Whether you are an owner or a contractor, engineer or architect, laborer or material supplier, there is a legal toolkit that can be fitted to meet your needs. The success of your construction project is determined by the efforts you put forth before, during and after the construction is completed. The Masteller Law Firm takes a solutions-based approach to its entire practice. With construction, a good contract can save time and money and avoid a lawsuit or lien. Proper communication can ensure that change orders are successfully implemented. There are a number of options out there to ensure your project gets completed in a good and workmanlike manner and all parties are satisfied. In many instances, a lawsuit may be the best option. The Masteller Law Firm is aggressive and will fight on your behalf. Visit our Construction Law webpage for more helpful information.

Fort Worth, Texas Estate Lawyer Services

Estate Planning under Texas Law is an intricate part of every individual’s life. More often than not, a will gets overlooked much like a trip to the dentist. People tend to forget about their mortality with the hustle and bustle of everyday life and put off their will to a later date. Each and every estate is unique. The Masteller Law Firm can provide you estate services that fit your specific needs. Set up a consultation with our firm today and discover what type of estate package works best for you. If you have recently had a loved one pass away, you are likely visiting this page to find a Texas Probate Lawyer that can help. Multiple options may exist for the deceased’s property. Set up an appointment today so we can guide you through this delicate process. Visit our Estate Law webpage for more helpful information.

Fort Worth, Texas Real Estate Lawyer Services

Texas property law interplays just about every aspect of the law. If you have landlord/tenant concerns, want to transfer ownership in property, intend on purchasing a business, or have some other real estate matter you need to discuss, feel free to contact this office. Visit the Real Estate Law webpage for more helpful information.


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